the mwv pledge

Take the MWV pledge to respect and protect the White Mountains. Help us spread the word and encourage your friends to be responsible travelers with you!

Thank you, and Enjoy mt. washington valley!

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I PLEDGE TO plan ahead and be prepared

Research the places you plan to visit for its reservation and parking requirements. Check the weather forecast, and a map of the area you plan to explore. and be prepared to follow pandemic guidelines wherever you stay.


I will treat others with kindness and respect

Respect each other, each other’s property, and the environment during your visit.


I WILL Trash my trash

Always carry-out, what you carry-in. Bring trash bags with you to pick up after yourself, and dispose of your waste appropriately. If you see trash left behind by someone else, go the extra mile, and pick up after them.


I WILL keep the wildlife wild

Remember, when you’re out on the trail, you’re the one disrupting the animals, not the other way around! Notify NH Fish and Game and Maine Fish and Game when coming across sick or wounded animals. Don’t pursue wildlife or disturb nests, dens, and homes they have built.


I WILL stick to the trails

Stay on marked trails to reduce your impact on nature. The land, and its vegetation may be protected, and can be harmed when you veer off-trail. Designated trails also work to separate public property from private property.


I will Take only pictures, and leave only footprints

keep nature undisturbed. Leave what you find when it comes to plants, flowers, rocks, and trees when climbing or walking a trail. Don’t approach wildlife for any reason, (including getting that perfect selfie shot).


WHEN NATURE CALLS, I Will respect nature

Be sure you know the appropriate ways to dispose of human waste when recreating in nature. Always go 200 feet off the trail and away from water sources, dig a proper 6-8 in hole as a makeshift bathroom, and use biodegradable toilet paper.


I WILL camp responsibly

Minimize your impact on natural vegetation, and camp on durable surfaces in designated areas and campsites only. If you build a lean-to or a shelter, be sure to dismantle it before moving on.


i will share the outdoors

Be considerate of others and mindful of the many reasons why someone may be accessing the outdoors. If you’re playing music, be mindful of the volume, and wear earbuds instead of using a speaker. Know your right of way on the trails, and in cross-walks, politely announce your presence to others and take responsibility for yourself.


i will protect the waterways

Don’t throw your trash away in our lakes and rivers, or dump foreign liquids out into the water. Be sure to wash your boats before launching them in the valley’s lakes and rivers to protect them from foreign pest species, and don’t use lakes and streams as a bathroom.



Be a part of the mwv pledge movement and HELP US SPREAD THE WORD. Share this with your friends and family and encourage them to take the pledge!