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Here's Where to Grab a Great Cup of Coffee!

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Coffee  – it’s one of the biggest cups to fill when traveling.

So when you visit Mt. Washington Valley, where should you go to get the best cup?

We have you covered. We’ll take you through the Mt. Washington Valley’s coffee shops so you’re completely prepared the next time you spend the night with us in the valley. For a list of all restaurants in Mt. Washington Valley, click here!

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Old Village Bakery: This is a "real-deal" bakery, and true find in North Conway, NH. Tucked down Seavey Street, right in North Conway Village, you'll find this retail scratch bakery featuring yummy bread, coffee and pastry made by really nice people! Stop in for a cup of coffee and a croissant, and you'll also end up leaving with a slab of pizza and a bag of granola! All homemade!

Frontside Coffee Roasters: This coffee shop is fun, funky and fresh, with vibrant art decorating its walls, an outdoor and dog-friendly patio, and coffee that is roasted by one of the owners. Featuring a fleet of classic coffee drinks from a latte to a cortado to a chai-fu (chai with a shot of espresso) to drip coffee, your caffeine fix will be met here. Non-coffee options include tea, kombucha, and craft sodas. Fresh, handmade donuts, muffins and cakes are delivered from local bakeries daily; and if you’re lucky you might be able to snag a “Mr. Pretzel” giant soft pretzel on delivery day. Bagel sandwiches, oatmeal, gluten-free treats, and smoothies are also on the food menu.

Frontside Coffee Roasters also serves up beer and wine. It’s a perfect stop before a hike to grab a bagel for the ascent and perfect place to end a hike for a cold beer.

girl making coffee in front of an espresso machine north conway, nh
You'll always be able to get your coffee fix when visiting North Conway, NH, and its surrounding towns!
photo c/o Corey David Photography

J-Town Deli and Country Store: This is your classic stop for packing all the essentials for your outdoor adventure. It’s serving up larger than life breakfast and lunch sandwiches and hot coffee drinks from drip to lattes. J-Town also offers the amenities of a country store. Stop in for small grocery items, camping needs, already made dinners and a selection of over 30 beers and 100 wines. They’re a necessary stop for all of your Mt. Washington Valley, NH adventures.

The Metropolitan Coffee House: Featuring two locations, one in North Conway Village and one in Settlers’ Green Outlet Village, you’ll have your every coffee need met here. Specialty coffee drinks cover all the bases from drip coffee to cappuccino’s to frappe’s. They also highlight their Nitro Coffee which is their specialty cold brewed coffee on tap that’s infused with tiny nitrogen bubbles.The bubbles give the coffee a foamy texture, like beer. Nitro coffee pours out of a tap.

The Met brews with Good Vibes Coffee Roasters coffee, roasted right in Conway, NH.

The Met also has an extensive menu of bagel sandwiches appropriately named after Mt. Washington Valley landmarks, such as “The Saco” made up of a cheesy egg, avocado, tomato and bacon topped with a dab of sriracha sauce. Every morning six varieties of muffins and croissants are baked and freshly baked bagels, made right in North Conway are delivered.

Lunch at The Met offers hot panini’s, cold sandwiches and salads. Gluten-free options for bagels, treats and breads are also offered

Big Dave’s Bagels: They’re not kidding with the word “big,” here. They’re sandwiches are unapologetically large and the flavor is in charge! Their mission is to provide the most consistently excellent breakfast, lunch and catering experience in the Mount Washington Valley. Period. They aren’t messing around. Whatever can be homemade in their building, is. From their bagels to their cream cheeses to their sandwiches – which you can watch them prepare in their open concept kitchen – to their MUST-HAVE “kweenies.”

Oh - and yes, they serve piping hot coffee. Straight-forward and to the point, you’ll find drip coffee that is freshly made every morning, and throughout the day at Big Dave’s! Big Dave's food is so good, that Guy Fieri at there! Just featured on the Food Network show, Diners, Drive-ins and Dive's, Big Daves Bagels have a famous following, but truly humble attitude. They welcome everyone at Big Dave's Bagels and Deli, and provide the same quality service to all who walk through its door!

To check out the complete list of dining options in Mt. Washington Valley, click here. For complete trip planning resources and information, explore, or call 800-367-3364 (800-DO-SEE-NH) to talk to a Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce rep. To learn more about New Hampshire vacations, go to

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