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Ways to Give Back to the Mt. Washington Valley This Holiday Season


As November ushers in December, and the holidays begin to melt together, it’s important to keep in mind the true spirit and sentiment of this season’s festivities.

Take the gratitude displayed around your Thanksgiving table, and extrapolate it to infuse your December holidays. Let friends and family members know how you feel about them, leave no thanks behind when it comes to praising those around you, and quietly remind yourself on a regular basis of all the things you feel lucky to have in your life.

And if you find yourself living or visiting the White Mountain National Forest in the Mt. Washington Valley, remember to add the forest to your gratitude list.

The Mount Washington Observatory is one of many non-profits working tirelessly to provide services and outreach to valley visitors and residents. If you value the work of this organization and other non-profits consider donating to them this holiday season.
photo c/o Mount Washington Observatory.

Having access to the White Mountain National Forest is special; and the ability to hike, bike, swim, and ski within it is a true gem. While spending time in this national forest is truly a gift you give yourself, it takes an entire swath of community members to make sure this gift stays available. Any time you spend in the valley, you're guaranteed to have been touched by the services of the valley's non-profits.

In whatever way you choose to give this year, consider taking a moment to include the local non-profits throughout Mt. Washington Valley in your holiday donations. The organizations that provide trail maintenance, emergency rescue services, medical and senior services, affordable housing, the arts, and more are all parts of a whole when it comes to making up this area we all love.

White Mountain Trail Collective is one of many non-profits working hard to maintain trails throughout the WMNF.
photo c/o White Mountain Trail Collective.

Non-profits such as the White Mountain Trail Collective, Granite Backcountry Alliance, MWV Trails Association, Mount Washington Observatory, and the Appalachian Mountain Club - Highland Center and Joe Dodge Lodge are non-profits dedicated to trail maintenance, preservation, and access; ensuring that the land we love to utilize will be here for years to come.

Organizations such as Jen’s Friend’s Cancer Foundation, Laura Foundation for Epilepsy and Autism, the Mount Washington Adult Day Care Center, White Horse Recovery, Visiting Nurse Home Care and Hospice of Carroll County and Western Maine, MWV Supports Recovery, and many others are coalitions allied in providing supplementary medical care to ensure a healthy community.

Jen's Friends hosts a popular annual event, Climb Against Cancer, which is cherished by locals and visitors alike.
photo c/o Jen's Friends Cancer Foundation.

Little Angels Service Dogs, Conway Area Humane Society, Harvest Hills Animal Shelter, and the Rozzie May Animal Alliance are passionate about working with animals, and the animal human connection.

Eastern Slope Ski Club, Friends of Conway Rec, North Conway Community Center, and Mount Washington Valley Adaptive Sports work tirelessly to bring recreational opportunities to children and the community. They provide an even playing field when it comes to providing access to skiing and organized sports to the valleys citizens.

These are just a handful of the many, many organizations working behind the scenes, making sure that everyone has a helping hand. Chances are that if you’ve even spent just a moment in the valley, you have benefited from the work of at least one of these non-profits.

The beauty of the White Mountain National Forest is that it is always here for those who want to play amongst its trees. And just like the forest is here for you, so are these non-profits. Consider supporting them this year as you plan out your holiday giving. Their shared goal is ensuring that the vibrancy of the Mt. Washington Valley remains, so that we can all live and play here for years to come.

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