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Chamber MLK Weekend Wrap-Up

Snow lovers flocked to Mt. Washington Valley, NH for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday weekend January 12-15, 2024

While the weekend started out with some rain, overall snow coverage was excellent thanks to the 18”+ of snowfall received over the previous 10 days. While some businesses reported sales were down, others stated that they were very busy for the period, especially on Sunday.

The Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce polled its members on business activity for the period from January 12-15, 2024.

Skiers at Great Great Glen Trails.

Businesses relying on snow breathed a sigh of relief as skiers, snow tubers and outdoor lovers alike hit the trails. Nate Harvey, Program Director and Retail Manager for Great Glen Trails, shared, “Sunday was off the hook. It was the busiest day I've seen here in 20 years.” Meanwhile, International Mountain Climbing School had business fall off due to weather concerns. “Overall sales were lower due to a refund for an overnight group on Mt. Washington because of the weather on Saturday,” stated IMCS’s Lisa McCoy.

Indoor activities such as Mountain Kula Yoga also saw stellar Sunday sales. Owner Laura Erickson reported a 40% increase in revenue and yoga class attendance this weekend over last, with Sunday being the busiest.

Many area hotels, resorts and inns saw mixed results, some relying on discounting to help drive occupancies. Alex Foti of Bretton Woods Vacations reported an increase of 15% over the same period last year. Starlight Lodge reported flat sales year over year, while the White Mountain Hotel saw a 20% drop in occupancy compared to 2023. Inn at Jackson was up 5% over last year.

Visitors were made up of mostly families and couples hailing from nearby New England states, especially Massachusetts.

With another 3-6” of snowfall forecast on Tuesday, Mt. Washington Valley businesses are hopeful that business will be strong for the remainder of the winter season. Trends indicate more last-minute bookings and discounting taking place.

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