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STAY MWV is a group of engaged young professionals in the Valley, working together to ensure that the MWV as a place to call home for young people. Their mission is “to attract and retain a vibrant young professional population in the Mount Washington Valley.” Their Annual Student Loan Assistance Program helps pay back the student debt of our local young professionals, making it easier for young people to settle here.

STAY MWV Mission:

The MWV Young Professional Network was established in 2007 to offer opportunities and resources for the Valley's young professionals to connect with their peers and get involved in the community.

The efforts of STAY MWV began in 2016 renewing this mission to support a vibrant population of young folks here in the MWV. In an effort to combat the effects the student loan crisis has on rural communities, their Student Loan Assistance Program assists MWV residents with the payback of their student loans. Similar to a scholarship given to high school students as they enter college, our program assists young folks who are living and working here after college.

Over the past six years, together with community partners, and many generous businesses and individual donations, STAY MWV granted $70,000 in direct student loan assistance to 39 of our region’s young professionals. In the midst of a pandemic and regional housing crisis, these awards mean young folks in the MWV can invest in our community and place permanent roots down in the Valley.

"I can’t express enough thanks to STAY MWV for their support and contribution to my student debt by being chosen as a 2020 Loan Assistance Program recipient. This has a big impact on my financial situation. Every bit closer to paying off my debt is that much closer to reaching other financial goals, including homeownership in MWV. With STAY MWV’s $2,500 contribution, I will save a total $3,326.53 on my loans and pay it off one year sooner! These contributions mean a lot to our local young professionals, and I am proud to be a part of this community!"

2022 Student Loan Assistance Awards are open from 11/15/22-12/15/22
Click here for the 2022 Student Loan Assistance Application >>

Student Loan Assistance Awards are supported by:

Pinkham Real Estate

HEB Engineers

Theresa Bernhardt Realty Partners

The White Mountain Hotel

Recon Trail Design

The Conway Foundation

Flatbread Company, North Conway

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