Emily & Greg Smith-Mossman

Bench Jeweler, North Country Fair Jewelers Executive Director, North Country Cares

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We all want to live like a local when we visit an area we love. This is a snapshot into how a local spends their day, and how they invest in the Mt. Washington Valley community. Support their businesses and the non-profits they donate to. The more you, as a visitor, invest and integrate in the valley, the more local you’ll become!

As local bench jewelers, working at North Country Fair Jewelers - a shop started over fifty years ago by Emily’s father, a favorite way Emily and Greg spend their time is by mining for local gems and stones.

Emily and Greg inspect a quartz gem they found on one of their mining trips, that will eventually be handmade into jewelry

  • Quarries are an integral part of Mt. Washington Valley’s history, and you can still see remnants of stone quarries - where quarrymen sought Granite back in the 1800’s - in places such as Redstone in Conway, NH.
  • Stone mines similar to the Granite Quarries of Redstone exist throughout Mt. Washington Valley, and Emily and Greg find themselves throughout the year searching for stones native to this area.
  • What they find, they bring back to North Country Fair Jewelers, and custom-make pieces for their clients. Not only is custom work a part of their craft, but so is restoring vintage jewelry as well.
  • Greg is known throughout the country as one of the best restorers of vintage jewelry, and together Emily and Greg help to make a significant impact on the Mt. Washington Valley’s arts and culture scene.

    They’re part of a band of artisans that range from potters, to painters, to glass-blowers, to dancers, actors, actresses and musicians, and so much more.
  • Certainly a stop at North Country Fair Jewelers is an absolute must, not only to search for exclusive pieces of estate and hand-crafted jewelry, but also for the slew of local characters you’ll meet who work behind the display cases.
  • You must also make sure you take yourself on a self-guided art tour making stops at local businesses, galleries, theaters, and more where you can view art, experience it, and even purchase it.
  • When you make your way to the end of this art tour, finish it off with lunch or dinner at Moat Mountain Smokehouse and Brewing Co., a favorite of Emily and Greg. A smokehouse that features a menu with some of the most creative combinations as well as a brewery with seven year-round beers and multiple seasonal specialties all brewed in-house.

Emily and Greg are sought-after bench jewelers who create custom made jewelry.

Emily Smith-Mossman is a local through, and through - and not just because she grew up in Mt. Washington Valley, NH. While her years of being rooted in this area certainly gain her the status of a seasoned citizen, it’s her devotion to this area through her various philanthropic efforts that cement her as one of the valley’s MVPs.

Emily is co-founder of North Country Cares, a resource for pre-teens and teens in the Mount Washington Valley. It provides clothing, school supplies, personal necessities as well as funding and support for various school, vocational and extra-curricular enrichment programs. Greg, and Emily's father, Brian Smith, have been avid supporters in making this non-profit as successful as it is.

She and Greg are also champions of the Kevin Peare Memorial Skate Park, which is working to educate the community on the benefits a skate park can have on youth’s mental and physical health, while raising funds to build a state of the art skate park.

For complete trip planning resources and information, explore this site, visitmwv.com, or call 800-367-3364 (800-DO-SEE-NH) to talk to a Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce rep.  To learn more about New Hampshire vacations, go to www.VisitNH.gov.

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