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We all want to live like a local when we visit an area we love. This is a snapshot into how a local spends their day, and how they invest in the Mt. Washington Valley community. Support their businesses and the non-profits they donate to. The more you, as a visitor, invest and integrate in the valley, the more local you’ll become!

“There are so many layers of things and people to connect with in Mt. Washington Valley.”

“Whether you’re a lawyer; a doctor; a teacher; a local bartender or ski lift operator; guide or mechanic, we all have a lot in common. We’re all here for the lifestyle. We may not be the same person, but we’re here for the same reason. We live in the Mt. Washington Valley because we can balance work with the lifestyle, and that’s a big reason as to why I love living here. 

Liz Cancelliere is living the dream mountain life - starting her career at sister mountains, Wildcat Mountain and Attitash Mountain Resort in 2014 as the Marketing Manager, and then making her way to Tuckerman Brewing Company working as its Brand and Marketing Manager. 

Skiing and handcrafted beer are two disciples of local mountain culture, and Liz has been a devout follower for years. Her work at both entities put her central to the local way of life, and eight years later she now knows Mt. Washington Valley is her home. 

A Headwall Alt brewed by Tuckerman Brewing Company, is typical way Liz ends a day playing outside. To start though, she begins with the question of “do I want to ski at Attitash Mountain Resort or Wildcat Mountain?” 

  • If she lands on Attitash Mountain Resort, she’s going to first spend her morning cross-country skiing at Bear Notch Ski Touring Center. It’s only on the way to Attitash, of course. This way she can skip the morning rush, and enjoy a quiet morning Nordic Skiing for an hour or two, and still get to the mountain by 11am, to ski the rest of the day.

    Bear Notch Ski Touring Center is 100% dog friendly, and 100% an authentic New England experience. It’s run by longtime locals, and is rustic, warm, and welcoming. It’s trail that runs along the Saco River is so long and consistent, which gives Liz and her pup the space to get a great workout in.

  • Before all of this though, she’ll make a stop at Bagels Plus, in North Conway, NH. “It’s the best place for breakfast! It has so many bagel flavors - all homemade, and their sandwiches are SO good!” Take the “Tuckerman Ravine,” it’s made with grilled chicken and mango chutney and havarti cheese. Or its three-cheese bagel with chipotle cream cheese; throw an egg and bacon on that, and I’m good to go!

  • On her way to Attitash, she’ll duck into Andes Ski Shop, a local gem that’s been around since the early 1990’s providing local ski tuning, waxing and repair, and quality equipment. One thing it’s definitely noted for is its comical and fun sign. It always has something sarcastic to say, and changes with each week and current event. It’s been known to show sayings along the lines of “Get Your Head Out Of Your App, And On The Mountains,” Or “Satisfy Your Valentine With A Wax!” One could say: outside of its industry expertise, Andes' sign is its biggest draw!

    Liz likes to stop there and say hello the folks behind the counter. She knows they’re always good for some local intel and opinions on terrain and weather. They’re always bringing in new gadgets and gear that I find myself needing, and they are one of the best in the valley for ski tuning!

  • At the end of the day, Liz and her friends are stopping at Moat Mountain Smokehouse and Brewing Co., where she lays claim to the “best nachos in the valley,” its Long Horn Nachos. Skiing and nachos go hand in hand, and these nachos are fantastic. The pulled pork, the sour cream, the homemade BBQ sauce - it all goes into the perfect bite.

  • If her pup is still in need of some attention after its action packed morning, she’ll pack her up in the car and head over to Settlers Green. Yes it’s an awesome place to shop, with over 60 brand-name stores with outlet shop prices, but there is also always something going on there. It’s not just a shopping plaza, it’s a destination.  In the winter it’s a great dog-friendly place to walk your dog, and check out the murals and sculptures that Settlers Green has invested in. In summer and fall,  it has Pups and Pints that caters to dog-owners with live music, pop-up beer gardens, and dog treats, and across the way at Settlers Crossing, Black Cap is a dog-friendly restaurant!

Liz also believes that as someone who enjoys and gets so much use out of the area’s natural resources that she owes some amount of time and money to non-profits that take care of it. As an employee at Tuckerman Brewing Company she spear-headed the adoption of Boulder Loop Trail, and was trained as a Trail Crew Leader to lead the trail clean-up.

She’s also supportive of White Mountains NEMBA and Ride NoCo, two nonprofits dedicated to trail maintenance and the building of new trails for mountain bikers.

If you’re looking for that insider information on how best to spend your day in Mt. Washington Valley, Liz is a great resource. Grab a bagel from Bagel’s Plus, and head to the ski mountains. Chances are you’ll see her there! Of course we all want to live like a local when we’re on vacation. This is a great way to just that!

Get to know our locals, attend their favorite events, grab a drink at their favorite bar, support their favorite local shop, and donate to the non-profits they support. The more you do that, the more local you’ll become!

For complete trip planning resources and information, explore this site,, or call 800-367-3364 (800-DO-SEE-NH) to talk to a Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce rep.  To learn more about New Hampshire vacations, go to

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