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Live, Work, and Play in Mt. Washington Valley!

Living in MWV

Thinking about moving to North Conway, NH or its surrounding towns?

Great idea! Building a life in any of the twenty towns that Mt. Washington Valley encompasses - including North Conway, NH - can be a really fulfilling choice.

Not only will you enjoy unparalleled access to the great outdoors, but you'll find opportunities for growth - personally and professionally.

The lifestyle YOU want to live, is available to you in the Mt. Washington Valley. Hear from some Mt. Washington Valley locals who have built a life and career here, and consider applying to their businesses, if you're looking to make your move to North Conway, NH, and its surrounding towns!

You'll be able to hike, bike, climb or ski AND go to work, all in the same day. Gone are long days spent behind the wheel driving to the White Mountains to pack in as much outdoor activity as you possibly can in a two-day stretch. Living in North Conway, NH or its surrounding towns offers the opportunity for a work/life balance that so many strive to find when building their lives.

You'll find metropolitan services commonly found in cities, in a mountain town setting; including spas, gyms, yoga studios, smoothie bars, brand name stores, and more. We encourage you to explore our site, and see the list of dining options that have created a foodie scene across Mt. Washington Valley; as well as the shops and activities that make our area so convenient.

North Conway, NH is also proud to be the home of a regional hospital - Memorial Hospital. So in addition to amenities listed above, you also have quick access to a trauma-1 level hospital. Mt. Washington Valley has a network of health professionals that extend beyond the hospital as well, so you can find care when it comes to physical therapists, diabetes specialists, primary care, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, therapists, dentists, and more. All of these professionals have seen the benefits of living in the Mt. Washington Valley, and have brought their skills and expertise with them. You can see an extensive list of Mt. Washington Valley health services, by clicking this link.

You'll also find professional services in the way of accountants, technology, hair salons, electricians and plumbers, lawyers, manufacturing, landscaping, automotive, property management, and more. Not only are these services and businesses available to you as a resident, but there is also opportunity to build a career at them. You can search various sectors through the directory at our "Live" page, found by clicking the link.

If you enjoy the flexibility and the culture of working in a service-based business, than you'll be thrilled to find opportunities at local coffee shops, fine dining restaurants, taverns, shops, and attractions.

We also encourage you to inventory the list of non-profits in North Conway NH, and beyond. Not only can there be professional opportunities within these organizations, but volunteering for a non-profit or supporting them by attending their events, is a great way to integrate into the Mt. Washington Valley community. You'll meet people, learn more about other opportunities throughout the valley, and feel more connected to the new area in which you live!

For information on Young Professional Services, click here; as well as a list of resources on education in Mt. Washington Valley.

For more information on moving to, and making a life in the Mt. Washington visit For employment and housing resources in the White Mountains, visit As well as the "Pebble" list fueled by Granite Outdoor Alliance.

Thank you to all of the participants in this video:
Debony Diehl, Debony Salon:
Kevin Killourie, Badger, Peabody, & Smith:
Austin Oarth, Frontside Coffee Roasters:
Steve Cote, Chalmers Insurance Group:
Kate Fournier, Thompson House Eatery:

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