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Enjoy A Tour and Tasting at Cathedral Ledge Distillery

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Local flavor means a lot of things when you visit Mt. Washington Valley!

You'll find it in the ingredients used at independently owned restaurants; at the farms growing the ingredients; within the culture of the area and the local people who make Mt. Washington Valley their home, and when it comes to the local craft beverage scene in the Mt. Washington Valley, you'll find it in the local breweries, distilleries, and wineries.

Build your own tasting tour of the valley's local beverage scene, and make your way to five breweries, two wineries, and one distillery that span from Fryeburg, Maine to Bartlett, New Hampshire. Enjoy each unique perspective on hand-crafted liquor, cider, wine, and beer at each of these locally owned businesses. Taste the difference between each beverage; feel the excitement from the local brewers, wine-makers-and distillers as they perfect their craft; spend time amongst locals who are enjoying a refreshing beverage after a day of hiking, biking, or skiing; and catch some entertainment in the form of live music, corn hole, or food trucks.

Follow along as we showcase each local brewery, winery, and distillery in Mt. Washington Valley! Pair your tasting tour with shopping, and dining, and make it an overnight stay! For more information on planning your Mt. Washington Valley vacation, sign up for our monthly newsletter!

Cathedral Ledge Distillery.

Cathedral Ledge Distillery is located in North Conway, NH, and offers pet-friendly tours and tastings.
photo c/o Corey David Photography

An award-winning distillery is nestled in this timber-frame barn, located in North Conway, NH. Distilling organic Vodka, Gin, Liqueur, Bourbon, Whiskey and Aquavit, enjoy a tour and a tasting at Cathedral Ledge Distillery.

Owners Tracy and Chris - who is also the head distiller appreciate the details that go into providing a one-of-a-kind experience. They take pride in everything from the spirits they pour down to the details of the structure they pour them in. You can feel them in the craftsmanship of the barn - where it's a tie between people coming in and wanting a tasting and people coming in wanting architectural advice.

Owner and Head Distiller, Chris Burk, loves the process of making spirits. Cathedral Ledge Distillery offers hand-distilled spirits,
with a rotation of thirteen being regularly bottled and poured in its tasting room.
photo c/o Corey David Photography.

Nothing short of excellent, the spirits reflect a true love of the craft. Chris spent most of his life in Northern New England, with the last thirteen years in the Mt. Washington Valley area. He worked as a waiter at the historic Balsams Resort - renowned for its hospitality and a starting point for many titans in the food, beverage and lodging industry. There he developed a respect for the recipe process. He follows a mantra of whatever it is you're doing - do it well. From the hand-milling of the grains he uses to the hand bottling of the spirits, Chris and Tracy put their hearts and their hands into their work.

Known for being New Hampshire's Gin Distillery of the year, and its only certified organic distillery, it also holds the record for having the tallest vodka column in New Hampshire. With sixteen "bubble caps" this promises sixteen points of distillation, making for the highest quality vodka.

While it's known for some pretty cool things in New Hampshire, it also holds gold medals around the country for its Aquavit, Gin, Vodka and Barrel Rested Gin. Their Gin is one of the distillery's most challenging to make, and one of Chris' most favorite to distill.

"It's hard to build a gin. With its complicated flavoring one has to ensure that doesn't tip the scale into being too peppery."

Chris' take on it? Takeout the peppery agent altogether, and age it in a Rye Whiskey barrel. The barrel will give it all the flavoring it needs to build a layered spirit with balanced notes.

Enjoy a tour and a tasting at New Hampshire's Gin Distillery of the year, Cathedral Ledge Distillery!
photo c/o Corey David Photography

Currently you can come in and taste a sampling of their thirteen different spirits in the form of a five-pour flight or in a cocktail form. Cathedral Ledge Distillery offers a seasonal cocktail menu, as well as a small "light bites" menu.

Enjoy the beverages inside or outside, and bring your pup inside while you enjoy. Tracy and Chris' dog, Bella, will greet you both!

The details.

The distillery is open seven days a week, from 12:00pm to 5:00pm midweek, and 12:00pm to 6:00pm on weekends. Tours are offered daily and can be booked in-person or online. You can also find Cathedral Ledge Distillery's spirits throughout Mt. Washington Valley at restaurants like Red Parka Pub, Chef's Bistro, and Barley and Salt, amongst others.



For complete trip planning resources and information, explore this site,, or call 800-367-3364 (800-DO-SEE-NH) to talk to a Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce rep.

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