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Pouring Beer For Over 20 Years at Tuckerman Brewing Company

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Build your own tasting tour of the valley's local beverage scene, and make your way to five breweries, two wineries, and one distillery that span from Fryeburg, Maine to Bartlett, New Hampshire.

Taste the difference between each beverage; feel the excitement from the local brewers, wine-makers-and distillers as they perfect their craft; spend time amongst locals who are enjoying a refreshing beverage after a day of hiking, biking, or skiing; and catch some entertainment in the form of live music, corn hole, or food trucks.

Follow along as we showcase each local brewery, winery, and distillery in Mt. Washington Valley, starting with Tuckerman Brewing Company!

Pair your tasting tour with shopping, and dining, and make it an overnight stay! For more information on planning your Mt. Washington Valley vacation, sign up for our monthly newsletter!

man holding a beer can north conway
Head Brewer, Seth Reidy, and his team brew all the beer by hand.
Photo c/o Corey David Photography

Chances are, if you live or visit the Mt. Washington Valley area, you’ve enjoyed a beer by Tuckerman Brewing Company.

Considered one of the "OG" breweries, Tuckerman paved the way for Mt. Washington Valley to become a craft beer destination. Starting out over twenty years ago in a small garage, Tuckerman Brewing Company has grown into a production brewery distributing throughout NH, MA, and ME.

At its current location, 66 Hobbs Street, it has a tasting room featuring a menu of up to sixteen beers and hard ciders on tap; a homemade brick oven pizzas, salads and beer pretzels, a gift shop; and seasonally they have an outdoor beer garden with stage for live entertainment. Construction plands over the next year include an expansion of the indoor tasting room, and construction of a three season outdoor pavilion.

You’ll typically find sixteen taps flowing with flagship and seasonal brews and hard cider; a pizza and snacks menu using as much produce as possible from Davis Natural Produce, a farm right down the road from the brewery; live music playing regularly each week; and throughout the summer and fall, weekly corn hole tournaments are led by the head brewer. Be sure to mark your calendar for the brewery's annual Fall Fest, on October 15th, and its Local Artisan Fair on November 5th. For a complete list of its events, click here.

Head Brewer, Seth Reidy, attributes part of Tuckerman Brewing Company's success to the consistency in its product.

Right out of the gate, its Pale Ale has been the anchor of Tuckerman Brewing Company’s beer roster. From its inception 25 years ago when owners, Kirsten Neves, and Nik Stanciu, were responsible for what a staff of now twenty-five manages, its Pale Ale has remained a constant. While the team is always looking for ways to improve every recipe each time it goes into a keg, its Pale Ale has largely stayed the same for 25 years.

What makes this even more amazing, is that all Tuckerman Brewing Company beer is still brewed by hand, which means the team is measuring every ingredient and manipulating ever variable for each recipe by hand. They’re not relying on a computerized system to handle their production of 70,000 cases of beer a year, and growing. To be able to maintain consistency of this level, by hand, is truly a labor of love, but the entire team at Tuckerman Brewing Company believes in this process.

“Pale Ales carry a specific flavor profile, and if you drink a lot of them, you immediately notice when something’s off,” Head Brewer, Seth shares. “While turning over production to a computer can make some things easier, we felt we would lose that ‘craft feel’ when it came to drinking our beer. Keeping the integrity of not only the Pale Ale, but every beer we produce is our biggest priority as a team, and if that means hand measuring every ingredient so we can stand behind our product, then we’re happy to do it!”

Tuckerman beer is also known for their robust flavors that come from its ingredients, the way its made, and for the fact that the brewing company “Bottle Conditions” it beer; meaning it doesn’t force carbonate them, but rather mixes a bit of live yeast with the ingredient, fresh Whort, and allows the beer to carbonate naturally.

These commitments to more methodical and diligent brewing practices are what have grown Tuckerman Brewing Company’s loyal following - not only from locals, but from those visiting across the state, and the region.

“There’s a lot of pride from our customers when they drink a beer from Tuckerman Brewing Company. They know they’re a part of something bigger than just beer. And I think I knew that too when I started washing kegs at Tuckerman Brewing Company twelve years ago. Now I’m the head brewer. I knew I was going to be a part of something that would grow.”
four friends eating pizza at a bar north conway
Tuckerman Brewing Company is a mainstay for valley culture, and a hub for locals and visitors alike
to enjoy entertainment, good food, and great beer!
Photo c/o Corey David Photography

While many of Tuckerman Brewing Company’s practices are rooted in tradition, it’s also a visionary when it comes to the culture of beer and community. As it has continued to grow, the team is constantly finding new ways to make it more than just a brewery.

Their addition of weekly live music and corn hole tournaments has made Tuckerman Brewing Company, a number one choice for a place to gather. It’s an anchor destination for people to come together. Tuckerman Brewing Company also participates in trail maintenance, and recently adopted the Boulder Loop Trail as its own. The team makes a day of it and uses it as a way to build camaraderie every time they go out for clean-up. You can be sure, a few pints of Tuckerman beer are enjoyed at the end of the day.

It also hosts regular non-profit events, and helps to raise money for a wide range of non-profits from animal rescue to adaptive sports.

“The valley has some of the most amazing people who live here. Obviously it’s a beautiful place to live and work, but the community of people is what sets it apart; and I love that I get to work for a business that is a place where all of these people love to gather.”

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For complete trip planning resources and information, explore this site,, or call 800-367-3364 (800-DO-SEE-NH) to talk to a Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce rep.

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