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Ledge Brewing Company Pours Great Beer!

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Build your own tasting tour of the valley's local beverage scene, and make your way to five breweries, two wineries, and one distillery that span from Fryeburg, Maine to Bartlett, New Hampshire. Enjoy each unique perspective on hand-crafted liquor, cider, wine, and beer at each of these locally owned businesses.

Taste the difference between each beverage; feel the excitement from the local brewers, wine-makers-and distillers as they perfect their craft; spend time amongst locals who are enjoying a refreshing beverage after a day of hiking, biking, or skiing; and catch some entertainment in the form of live music, corn hole, or food trucks.

Follow along as we showcase each local brewery, winery, and distillery in Mt. Washington Valley! Pair your tasting tour with shopping, and dining, and make it an overnight stay! For more information on planning your Mt. Washington Valley vacation, sign up for our monthly newsletter!

Ledge Brewing Company.

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Ledge Brewing Company is THE local hang-out in Intervale, NH. It's a gathering place for the climbers; hikers; bikers; runners; ski instructors; and parents and grand-parents of those climbers, skiers, and hikers who call Mt. Washington Valley home. Located just ten minutes outside of North Conway, this brewery is focused on brewing beer that pairs well with an outdoor adventure.

It's the landing spot for three major local events; Mt. Washington Backcountry Ski Festival, Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest - (both typically take place every February), and most currently Tin Mountain Conservation Center's kickoff to its Beyond the Valley Adventure Fest, (September 16th) It's also a space where local ultra and marathon runners, avalanche safety guides, and yoga instructors come to present and teach. If it's an event that aligns with Ledge's ethos of enjoying outdoor rec, then you can be sure Ledge is doing what it can to host!

Offering a ten-pour tap, Head Brewer, Cody Floyd, is constantly coming up with new brews.

Beer is where art and science and meet." I love listening to brewing and tech podcasts, and researching recipes from as far back as the 1600's. I love paying respect to classic recipes, but I also love testing out practices that are different and interesting.

man holding a beer new hampshire
Ledge's Head Brewer, Cody Floyd, has been crafting beer for over ten years. He's taken his knowledge and put it into a portfolio of beers at Ledge
that pay respect to the classics, but give you a taste of something you won't find anywhere else.
photo c/o Corey David Photography

A great example of this is in Ledge's "Sad Songs Only, a Grisette, which is a French inspired beer that's super light and drinkable. It's a nod to a classic recipe that Cody then takes and puts his own spin on it. He adds pink peppercorn and local rhubarb to give it a little summer love. In Ledge's "Coniference," he takes a golden Belgian ale, and adds juniper berries and boughs from a family farm.

When asked what his favorite Ledge beer was currently, he answers confidently, "German Afternoons." An homage to John Prine, and a textbook German beer, "German Afternoons" is super drinkable.

Out of the ten taps Ledge is pouring from, there are thirty other semi-retired beers Cody has created and collaborated on waiting to be put back on rotation. That's what makes enjoying beer at Ledge so fun; there's a certain mystique to what's going to be on the menu. You never know when your favorite beer is going to pop back up!

beer being poured from a tap new hampshire
You'll find ingredients such as juniper boughs, smoked applewood, and rhubarb sprinkled throughout some of Ledge's favorite beers.
photo c/o Corey David Photography.

Ledge Brewing Company wants to create a totally immersive experience for its guests, and is passionate about staying local, and staying true to the bones of a small-town brewery.

If their grain isn't from Maine, it's coming straight from the source in Munich, Germany. Ledge is serious about working with local farmers, becayse the brewers there believe that better ingredients means a better beer.

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For complete trip planning resources and information, explore this site,, or call 800-367-3364 (800-DO-SEE-NH) to talk to a Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce rep.

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